Colorado Soil & Water Testing Lab

One of the first steps a person should take if they are concerned about their water quality is to perform a drinking water test by Colorado soil & water testing lab. This is important because you need to know what is in your water before you can determine what filtration system would best suit your needs. You run the risk of either buying too much or not enough filtration.

The quality of water is not one dimensional, and there is a wide array of Contaminants that can damage it. If you are unaware of what to have the well water testing test for specifically, then it is recommended that you find a professional lab to take care of your testing for you, instead of relying on simple water test strips or a water kit.

Colorado Soil & Water Testing Lab

An expert will have the knowledge of the area’s water to determine what should be tested for, and what doesn’t need to be included. A consideration to make as well is how the water will be tested over the long term. You need to have your water testing done on a regular basis, preferably annually. Of course, if your water changes in the way it looks, tastes, or smells, than it is vital to proceed right away with testing the water quality.

There are a variety of bacteria, which can cause immediate illness when ingested from contaminated drinking water. These illnesses can range from mild to moderate cases lasting only a few days, to more severe situations that can last for weeks or even result in death for those with weak immune systems (most notably the very young and the very old).

Colorado Soil & Water Testing Lab

Those who rely on a public water supply system which is tested regularly must still be concerned about what happens to their water after it is tested and must make its way to their home and through their home piping system. Home owners with their own wells are solely responsible for the quality and safety of their water and must do a water test at least twice a year. Travelers to foreign countries often experience problems with drinking water and hikers and campers should be concerned about natural waters.

Knowledge of soil and water is essential to horticulture, effluent use, grazing, cropping, and the rehabilitation of degraded sites. Our registered laboratory provides a wide range of soil and water analysis, result interpretation and management recommendations.

These are typically used for:

. Soil ameliorant recommendations
. Urban and rural water quality
. Environmental monitoring
. Seed and fertiliser recommendation
. Suitability for earthworks construction and
. Identifying acid sulphate soils

Colorado soil & water testing lab staff may provide advice on sample collection and delivery of samples. Staff may also assist with the interpretation of test results and provide management recommendations. Soil conservation service officers can determine plant nutrient levels in the soil and provide fertiliser recommendations, including lime and gypsum rates for:

. Pasture production
. Agricultural/horticultural crops
. Rehabilitating mine sites
. Rehabilitating degraded areas

Testing can be undertaken to determine water suitability for irrigation, as well as stock and domestic supply. Tests can be conducted on water to measure its hardness, salinity and sodium adsorption ratio. The concentration of iron, chloride, carbonates and bicarbonates can also be tested. We support engineering firms, companies and authorities with our analysis services for land purchases, changes in use and building work, technical investigations and renovation inspections as well as hydro-geological investigations.

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Colorado soil & water testing lab offers a road map telling what your soil needs to produce strong healthy plants, trees, flowers, vegetables, and lawns. The basic test is for fertility of the soil and measures the amount of potassium, calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium, in the soil, as well as the pH level of the soil. The report includes research-based recommendations for the type and amount of nutrients, if needed, to adjust your soil for the optimal growth of your specific garden.

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