Aquology 201

Aquology 201

The Aquaology 201 Direct Flow RO System is a highly efficient, five stage reverse osmosis system. Fresh Water Systems offers Aquaology 201 compatible, low cost replacement filters so you can keep your RO system running at a high level.

  • Direct-flow Reverse Osmosis Purification System

  • Efficient process provides more benefits than a conventional RO system

  • 5 Stage filtration gives total water purification

  • Comes with 3 prefilters for added purity

  • Purifies up to 1,000 Gallons of water (Up to 300 per day)

  • Conserve water with this unique Reverse Osmosis system

  • The Aquaology 201 requires minimal energy during operation

  • Unlike other water filters, Aquaology doesn’t store purified water in a tank.
    Instead, it is directly sent to the faucet for enjoyment

  • Tasteless, lead free water offers quality health & hydration

       5 Stage Purification:

   1) Large Sediment Filter for rust, sandstone, lime and other particles

   2) Coconut Carbon Filter for superior removal of chemicals like chlorine & inorganic compounds

   3) Small sediment filter for fine impurities such as rust, lime and carbon powder

   4) Reverse Osmosis membrane removes microorganisms, chemicals, arsenic, mercury, cobolt and delivers purified water

   5) Anti-Microbial Filter contains coconut activated carbon to prevent unpleasant odors, tastes

  • Dimensions:  13.8″ L x 8.5″ W x 17.7″ H

  • Input Voltage:  120 Volts AC

  • Power Consumption:  6 watts

  • Water Output:  300 GDP

  • Flow Rate:  0 – 0.6 GPM     TDS Range: 0 – 999 PPM

  • Pressure:  Dynamic Pressure of 60 psi required

  • Operating Termp:  40ºF – 100ºF

  • 3 Year Limited Warranty