Origins Water Dispenser

Origins Water Dispenser

Origins dispenses pure hot & cold water, great for employees and customers to enjoy hot tea and refreshing water in the office.

  • This eco-friendly, 5 stage filtration system ensures clean, fresh tasting water

  • Origins purifies water by subtracting contaminants, without adding chemicals

  • The self-filling reservoir tank automatically fills when needed for ease of use

  • Energy Star Certified operation helps save you money while enjoying clean water 

  • Convenient Hot & Cold Water Dispenser creates your perfect temperature
    (Great when used for hot tea on a cold day and ice cold water for the summer heat)

  • The durable, full metal construction is designed to save space (41″ x 13″ x 16″)

  • Automatic reservoir re-fills on its own

  • Low maintenance bottle storage with bottom sliding cart gives easy access during re-fills

  • Source water available with municipal connection

  • Convenient refrigeration feature giveschilled water or hot water with optional heating element

  • 3-Gallon large mouth bottle is tightly sealed to prevent contamination
    (5-Gallon bottle optional)


  • LED light & alarm alerts if water level is low

  • The feed pump & check valve protect back flushing from occuring

  • Pressure regulator endures high water pressure

  • Auto shut-off feature keeps water from flowing when door is open

  • Hot water tap has a safety lock

     5 Stage Filtration:

 1) Sediment Filter for large particles such as rust, lime, and soil

 2) KDF Carbon Filter designed to remove up to 98% of chlorine, mercury, lead, algae and the growth of bacteria or fungi

 3) The Ultra-Fine membrane filter reduces pharmaceuticals, chemicals, bacteria and microogranisms (as small as 1/100,000 of human hair)

 4) GAC Carbon Filter desgined to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria & a wide variety of biologically active organisms to ensure safe water for your family

Dimensions:  13.4” x 15.7” x 40.2”

Weight:  47.4 lbs. /21.5 kg (without bottle)

Tank capacity (Cold):  3.2 Qt. / 3.0 L

Tank capacity (Hot):  2 Qt. / 1.8 L

Hot Water temp:  176ºF – 194ºF /  80ºC – 90ºC

Cold Water Temp:  39.2ºF- 46.4ºF /  4ºC- 8ºC

Power Consumption  (W)

Heating:  450 W

Cooling:  95 W

Refrigerant:  R-134a

Water Source:  City Water / Bottled Water

Input Voltage:  120V/60Hz

Purifying filters:

1. Sediment filter
2. KDF Filter
3. UF Membrane filter
4. Post carbon Filter

Body Material:

– LED Indication Light

Water Level Control:
– Ball- Top (Mechanical)
– Float switch (Electrical)

Limited Warranty:
– 3 years