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There is now a better, long term solution for cleaning all the surfaces in your home. 

For the cost of one visit from a carpet cleaning company, you can own a system that will
provide the same deep clean year after year.

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TriStar CS Vacuum

Extend your carpets’ life and luster with the TriStar Canister.

This highly reliable & durable machine lasts so long, you can pass it down for generations.

The special design not only traps dirt & debris, but reduces allergies and contaminants as well.

ProStar Surface Shampooer

Every home has multiple surfaces, and consistent traffic.

With the ProStar, you can keep every surface looking fresh and clean without spending additional money on Spot cleaners or Professional cleaning.

Have fun outside, Relax inside!

MiniStar Accessory Tool

This ultra handy accessory can be attached to the TriStar Canister Vacuum.

Take the lightweight MiniStar wherever you desire, for added convenience.

Use on upholstery, car interiors, stairs and much more.

What sets our Surface line apart?

Maintain With Ease.

Feel Better In Your Space.

Enjoy Savings.

✔︎   The TriStar Vacuum:

*Features cyclonic action- This process eliminates the loss of suction, even with a full bag
*Uses the activated charcoal filter to remove odors from the air & reduce allergies

✔︎  The ProStar Shampoo System:

*Shampoo, Wax & Polish options provide added protection and durability for long surface life
*Comes with a variety of attachments, to withstand any mess at any time