• Metered control valve with advanced electronics for efficient operation
  • System can be programmed to backwash based on water usage or time
  • Fully adjustable cycles for more efficient and effective operation
  • Self-charging capacitor maintains time of day during power outages
  • Enjoy filtered water from every faucet in your house

  • Reduce Chlorine, taste and odors

  • Better tasting water, coffee, tea and other beverages made with tap water

  • Automatic, care-free operation

  • Metered control valve & advanced electronics generate efficient operation

  • Programmable backwash system is based off of water usage & time

  • User-friendly programming and LED screen has full diagnostics, current flow rate, peak flow rate and previous backwash date

  • Fully adjustable cycle control provides efficient and effective operation

  • Bypass valve, quick connect pipe fittings, drain line & power cord included

  • Self-charging capacitor maintains date and time during power outages

  • Mineral Tank:  10″ x 54″ rated for 600 psi pressure

  • Quality Catalytic coconut shell has activated carbon; NSF Certified

  • Media Volume:  1.5 cu. ft.

  • Up to 10 GPM flow rate & 5 GPM Backwash rate

  • Minimum Operating pressure:  20 psi     Maximum: 125 psi

  • Minimum Operating temperature:  34ºF     Maximum: 110ºF

  • Includes 3/4″ & 1″ pipe fittings with 20′ x 1/2″ drain line

  • 10/7/5/1 Year Limited Warranty – Please refer to Warranty Statement for details