Origins WC200

Origins WC200

  • Metered control valve with advanced electronics for greater efficiency
  • Operates with less water and less salt per regeneration
  • Large LED screen displays operational date in “real time”
  • Brine tank includes brine well, safety float, tubing and salt grid
  • Enjoy high quality water, that comes filtered right out of the faucet

  • Reduce taste and odor caused by chlorine

  • Feel refreshed when bathing or showering in soft water

  • Reduce spots and streaking on dishes and glassware

  • Enjoy shower heads longer and keep your drains from backing up

  • Prevent residue on shower curtains and walls

  • Feel the soft difference and maintain bright clothes when doing laundry

  • Whole home water treatment system that utilizes two technologies

  1. Catalytic coconut shell activated carbon filters the water

  2. Caiton resin conditions the water

  • Advanced electronic control valve is metered for greater efficiency

  • Easily program with fully adjustable LED screen & diagnostics

  • By-pass & quick connect fittings included

  • Brine tank comes with safety float, brine well, tubing and salt grid

  • Self-charging capacitor gives day & time during power outages (48 hrs)

  • Mineral Tank: 12″ x 52″ (NSF certified & rated for pressure to 600 PSI)

  • Brine Tank:  15″ x 15″ x 35″ (holds 5 water softening pellet bags)

  • 1.0 cu. ft. resin volume with 8% Caiton Resin

  • 1.0 cu. ft. catalytic coconut shell volume

  • Flow rate up to 10 GPM with 5 GPM backwash flow rate

  • Operating pressure minimum:  20 psi     Maximum: 125psi

  • Operating temperature minimum:  34º F     Maximum: 110º F

  • Includes 1″ & 3/4″ pipe fittings and 20′ x 1/2″ drain line

  • 10/7/5/1 Year Limited Warranty – please refer to Owners Manual for details