Origins WC300

Origins WC300

  • Advanced volumetric metering technology is more efficient, making it less expensive to operate
  • Set your water softener to regenerate on specific dates
  • Reliable water softener maintains up to a 28 day reserve
  • Uses a high-efficiency regeneration sequence so water softener uses less salt and water
  • Conserves valuable water resources and saves money with efficient regeneration process.

  • Provides conditioned water throughout your entire home.

  • Five Stage Filtration provides superior water quality throughout your home.

  • Prevents negative impact on plumbing, appliances, linens, glassware and much more.

  • Smart Thinking technology, combined with a complete digital electronic controller & multi-color display automatically adjusts to fit water conditioning needs, responding to water quality & usage.

  • Advanced regeneration, provides expert efficiency for inexpensive operation & environmentally friendly technology that conserves water for added savings.
  • The fully digital electronic display has large multi-color controls to make inputing of your commands quick and easy.
  • Sleek look & superb quality give a contemporary design with unmatched construction. The WC300 is designed with materials that withstand wear & corrosion.Thorough 5 Stage Filtration:
  • Unconditioned water passes through a layer of extremely small resin beads.

  • Undesirable minerals are drawn to the resin layer and attach to the surface.

  • Virtually all unsafe minerals are removed as water reaches the tanks bottom.

  • Conditioned water passes up through a riser tube and is distributed throughout the house.

  • Regenerate solution from the brine tank is used to recharge the resin beads.

  • Valve Type:  Down-flow

  • Media Tank Size:  10″ x 54″

  • Resin Volume:  1.0 cu. ft

  • Recharge (Salt) Tank Size:  15″ x 40″

  • Salt Storage:  240 lbs.

  • Drain Water Rate:  Recharge Style

  • Service Connection Size:  1″ NPT

  • Drain Connection Size:  3/4″ NPT

  • Recharge (Brine) Connection Size:  3/8″ NPT

  • Installation Space Requirements:  26″ W x 20″D x 50″H