Vacuum Cleaner Repairs Local

If you have one of the less pricey models, you might want to consider buying a new one before having someone repair it for you. The hourly fee for labor and the costs of parts may not warrant the repair price, unless of course you simply have to have the vacuum cleaner that you’ve grown accustomed to for a long time. An honest vacuum cleaner repairs local service will tell you that upon examination, which is usually free unless the problem is not easily diagnosed on the surface.

In most situations, when you find a repair shop and bring in your broken vacuum cleaner, they’ll ask you a few simple questions. Obviously, if you knew what was wrong, you’d fix it yourself. All most people know when they bring in their broken machine is that it’s broken. The repair shop will ask you what was happening when it stopped. He’ll ask how old it is and a few other pertinent questions so he can make a quick evaluation of the problem. Then he’ll give a quick examination to the obvious moving parts and if he sees something, he’ll be able to tell you immediately what’s going on and what it will take to fix it.

Vacuum Cleaner Repairs Local

If you own a cleaning business you know how crucial maintaining your vacuum cleaner fleet can be. Properly maintained vacuums can save valuable time and labor while keeping your clients floors looking great. Keeping your vacuum cleaner suction system void of debris and obstacles can increase the life of your vacuums motors in turn saving you money on internal parts and labor. A simple monthly inspection can save you time and money while increasing your vacuum cleaners efficiency.

Our friendly team offer

. Hose repairs
. Low suction faults
. Repair damaged wiring
. Motor replacements
. Locate and repair faulty components
. Domestic and commercial electrical safety tests

The first thing to inspect on your vacuum is the cord. Check for any cracks or kinks in the cord make sure the cord connection to the vacuum is tightly secured into the vacuums body. A cracked or twisted cord can be an electrical hazard for your cleaning crew and people around the work area. If the cord is cracked and bare wire is exposed replace the cord immediately.

The next area to check on the vacuum cleaner is the filtration system. On a filter bag system check for any blockages on the incoming suction tube and the exhaust port. If your vacuum has any internal filters check for sand filter and replace or clean them if they are dirty.

Vacuum Cleaner Repairs Local

Some vacuum cleaners have clips that old the filter bag in place, check to see if clips are cracked or bent and if so replace them immediately. If the filter bag is not sealed on the intake port debris could get into the vacuums motor and impede the performance of the vacuum cleaner.

Standard vacuum cleaner repairs local service includes

. Full tear-down, cleaning, and inspection
. Testing of electrical systems and components
. Where applicable, polishing and re-seating of motor commutators
. Replacement of defective components
. Reassembly and final testing

If everything checks out in the filter compartment then its time to move to the underside of the vacuum cleaner. Lay the vacuum on the ground and roll it over to expose the beater bar and suction area of the vacuum. Make sure the intake suction tube is not blocked by debris that can cause a strain on the vacuum belt and prematurely burn out the motor.

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The final part of the inspection process is a quick look over the outer shell of the vacuum cleaner. Check for cracks or protruding parts and then roll the vacuum to see if it moves smoothly. If everything checks out then it should be good for another month of great service. A regular vacuum inspection can keep these costs down and your cleaning business running smother.

Check the beater bar for any cotton or fibers that might be wrapped around it. If material is wound around the beater bar cut it off carefully using a scissors while being careful not to cut the beater bar bristles. Spin the beater bar and listen for squeaks or grinding in the beater bar bearings. The beater bar should roll smoothly with light resistance from the belt. If the beater bar does not roll smoothly have a vacuum technician inspect and and if needed replace the bearings. It is always better to hire professional for proper vacuum cleaner inspection. Hire vacuum cleaner repairs local services for maintance.

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