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Water is the lifeblood of all ecosystems as it carries and provides the precious minerals, nutrients, and other various bare necessities of life. Without clean and drinkable water an ecosystem cannot survive so it is no wonder why millions of people all over the world get sick due to polluted and unsanitary water sources. Water testing labs Colorado ensure that the tap in your house is giving you the cleanest water possible for you and your family to drink you can put it through a battery of water quality tests.

If your tap water shows signs of contamination like a strange discoloration, foul odor, or an unusual taste you should have it quality tested. A water quality test is performed in a specialized lab facility. Most water treatment plants will provide water quality testing services to those worried about their water supply at a minimal cost. There are three kinds of tests they can do that will help to isolate the contaminants and give you a better idea of how to purify the water.

PWater Testing Labs Colorado

The last thing you want entering your body when you take a sip of refreshing water is a strain of harmful bacteria. Stagnant water can foster bacterial growth and cause serious infections to anyone who drinks it. A bacterial water quality test will look for any bacteria that might cause disease so that you can start a treatment plan that gets rid of them.

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. Water Quality Testing
. Metal Testing
. Food Intolerance Testing
. Salt Spray Testing
. Hardness Testing

Water is supposed to have a certain amount of minerals and nutrients but too much of a good thing can be harmful. A mineral test will show if your water has any mineral imbalance that might be harmful to your health or to the health of your household appliances that use water. Once the imbalance is discovered it is much easier to start a treatment plan that will adjust the mineral percentages and get your tap water back in perfect nutrient harmony.

Our modern world uses pesticides and other chemicals to treat crops and clean our society but those chemicals can often be harmful to our bodies if ingested through drinking water. A chemical water quality test will show you if those harmful chemicals were able to seep into the ground and into your water source.

If you live in an older home, you may still have lead pipes in your house, or the city water mains may contain lead. If you have any lead in your water, you need to remove it as lead causes serious brain damage in children and adults. While regular water quality testing is recommended, keep in mind that they cannot possibly test for everything that could be in the water.

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  • Non Destructive Testing
  •  Environmental Monitoring
  •  Food, Agro & Water Testing
  •  Construction Material Testing
  •  Geotechnical Investigation
  • Pavement Investigation and Design
  • Textile and Apparel Testing

In addition to the thousands of chemicals, there are also heavy metals like lead and mercury, as well as bacteria and microorganisms in the water as well. If your city or town treats your water with chlorine, as most do, you need to filter that out. Long-term ingestion or exposure to chlorine has been linked to breast, rectal and bladder cancer. Not to mention it tastes and smells terrible. Chlorine is a very effective method of disinfecting water and killing bacteria and microorganisms in the water, but it needs to be removed before drinking it, bathing in it or inhaling its steam or mist so it is wise that you should opt for water testing labs Colorado.

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The most efficient and effective way to remove these chemicals and toxins and protect yourself and your family is to install a proper water filtration system. A filter that includes a carbon filter, a sub micron filter, a multi-media block and an ion exchange offers the most protection from the chemicals, metals, bacteria and toxins.

Chlorine causes anemia in children and is toxic to everyone’s nervous system. The body can rid itself of chlorine, but there’s a question about how quickly it can get rid of the chemical, if there is constant exposure. Water quality testing for chlorine might not be necessary. You can usually smell it and taste it. It is often the reason that people choose to drink bottled, rather than drinking from the tap.

Water Testing Labs Colorado

There are many problems with drinking bottled beverages of all kinds, because the plastic seeps into the liquids. Bottled water quality testing has been conducted by a variety of groups. It has been found to be no better than tap and traces of chemicals used to make the plastic bottle have been found.

Houses built a few decades ago are commonly victims of poor water quality because their pipes are made of materials like lead and if they are not they can rust or break. If you have recently moved into an older house or if you have lived in one for a long time but never bothered to have the water tested you should take a sample down to the lab and put it through a mineral, bacterial, or chemical test of filter .

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It has been estimated that the average individual will use as much as seventy three gallons of water each day. We make use of this in many ways, drinking, preparing food, washing dishes and clothing, bathing, and in many other ways. And since we are exposed to this substance in so many different ways, it is quite important to make sure that it is pure, safe, healthy, clean water which we are using. How can one accomplish this? It is quite important to make sure that you are using a good filtration system to begin with. But then you should regularly check it using a water quality test to make sure that your system is working well.

You should opt for water testing Colorado whenever you feel something is off about your water. Water is a tasteless, colorless, and odorless substance so if it has any out of the ordinary taste, smell, or look it is a good idea to have it checked out. There are not always going to be tangible symptoms of poor water quality though and there are three times when you should have your water quality checked regardless of how it looks, tastes, and smells.

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